Thursday, July 21, 2011

Insanity and Mexico

I think my wife is nuts. I mean it. There's something wrong with her. She made a deal with Dionysus. I mean, okay, she could have made a worse deal, but that guy bothers me. I don't like anyone who can get me drunk.

Anyways, I won't blame her. I mean, she was just trying to feed a few hundred people--and unlike Jesus she can't break a loaf of bread into 200 people's worth of food.

Besides, she's hardly the craziest bitch I know. There's Erzulie for that. After months of harassment by the furies on her behalf and the lingering steal-your-baby threat, the minute we get back from Guinee with Marie's ghost, this woman shows up in our house acting like we're best of friends. Bitch even polished off the green tea.

On the bright side, since she's playing nice, Laurel's apparently gotten her little "murderer" label removed--of which I'm appreciative--but has also learned that apparently the last little fury, the one that hasn't visited her yet, holds a grudge. But, you know what? I'd bet Laurel can take her. And if she tries coming after our friends, they'll smack her down. And if she tries coming after our kids, Jack will show her what's what.

Yeah, I tracked Jack down (by which I mean I called him and dropped by his place to chat) and got him to agree to take care of our kids. It was vaguely guilt-trip-ish. I mentioned how the only other person we could really ask was my mother who would be woefully unprepared for the danger associated with raising another scion, much less a pair of them. He gave me some crap about how they'd have to work the ranch and shit, and frankly I didn't much care, I know he won't be abusive to them, I know he'll be able to keep them in line, and I know he'll be able to keep them alive.

I'm glad Laurel suggested talking to him.

But what got me is that he has a fucking griffon. I could tell he was trying to keep the thing out of sight (it was several miles away) but that didn't stop me from noticing. I didn't say anything since I'm not a fan of provoking people's paranoia, but when we come back with the kids, I'm totally demanding a ride.

Anyways, his ranch is out in middle-of-no-where Mexico, so it will at least be pretty secluded for the kids to grow up and discover their amazing super powers.

... Damn, I'm out of ways to stall. I finished learning German already and I still have twenty minutes before we touch down in Deutschland. I'm on my way in because apparently Laurel needs another set of eyes. Pardon, apparently Laurel needs my set of eyes. Also, I hear I have a cousin of sorts in the area. A scion of Loki. I've promised to not necessarily kill him. I was a little offended when Laurel asked me to promise that--I haven't once attacked Sly with the intention to kill him. I've rather nearly attacked him with the intention to seriously injure on several occasions though.

...I need to make sure he hasn't moved out of that address he gave me in Chicago. I'll have to keep a mental note to pay him a visit next time I'm in town.

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