Monday, August 1, 2011

{Wolf; Nibel; Hel} -heim.

Apparently it's November.

Eighteen days ago, it was August.

Figure that one out.

Got to Germany, got cool car from dad, went to meet everyone in some town near some other town.

Met Loki-spawn, met Bastet's kid, both seem alright.

Went to Wolfsheim, met more Loki-spawn, Fenrir's kids actually, and was told to leave. I disobeyed. Screw those guys.

Met Brunhilda, went to Nibelheim, spent 9 days nearly freezing to death--killed giants, nearly killed giant snake, nearly killed everything in the world I hold dear trying to kill dragon. Not a fun trip.

Got to watch Ciara kick ass and take names.

Got the Helheim. Hel looks like two-face. Also, she's kind of a bitch. Needs more batman.

Have to find out why Loki used frost giants to steal shrowd from her before she'll give us Marie.

Going to Norway to look for the king of frost giants and ask him nicely to reveal Loki's sinister plot. Hoping not to die.

Also, apparently it's November now. -- Fuck underworlds.


Personal Note: World is collapsing from the inside out. Probably Nicola Tesla and Loki's faults. Kinda makes me sad. Nicola Tesla always seemed like a cool guy. Who doesn't like David Bowie?

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